SOLD - A 16th Century German Callander sword with richly engraved blade

Ref : 16493

A German composite broadsword, the double edged blade with King’s head stamp of Johannes Wundes & running wolf mark, the complete blade deeply engraved with the Calander on each side including the signs of the zodiac, the hilt of gilded iron, quillions turned & pommel engraved, grips inset with small ivory & ebony squares, the blade sixteenth century, the hilt later, handle length is 13cms, overall width of quillions 25cms, blade length 89cms In the style of Ambrosius Gemlich of Munich, Ref for a similar hilt see Heribert Seitz Blankwaffan Vol 1 fg 227

Date circa: 1580

Country: Germany

~ , blade length 89cm / 34.7in.

price: SOLD

Ref : 16493


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