cased pair of small box-lock pocket pistols

Ref : 16787

A cased pair of small box-lock pocket pistols, mid-19th Century, probably Liège; with blued turn-off barrels each inlaid with two gold lines around the muzzle and with a band of triangles around the breech, bright actions engraved with flowering foliage, fluted bolsters, engraved folding triggers, and rounded dark horn butts: in original pocket casing fitted and lined in plum velvet with steel bullet mould, the arms also forming respectively a barrel-wrench and nipple-key, the exterior covered in plum-coloured leather tooled with chequering within borders of foliage, 3.5 cm. barrels

Date circa: 1860


price: £5750.00 / $7446.00

Ref : 16787


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Ref : 16787