rare compact and scent bottle combination cane

Ref : 16833

A most unusual lady's combination system cane with a guilloche enamel handle forming both a compact case and a scent bottle - the top of the handle has a hinged lid decorated with a motif of two cats wearing bows, which opens upwards to reveal a mirrored compact within - the lower section of the handle is further hinged at the neck and opens at the touch of a button to reveal a scent bottle with a removable long glass file - the handle's sides are decorated with roses all on a light sky background, the bottom of the handle is stamped 'Sterling 935', and the handle is mounted onto an ebonised hardwood shaft

Date circa: 1900

Country: Continental

~ length of handle 14cm / 5.5in.

price: £4750.00 / $6151.00

Ref : 16833


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Ref : 16833