basket-hilted backsword of the 18th C. Black Watch

Ref : 15766

A basket-hilted backsword of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (the Black Watch) - with a tapering blade double-edged towards the end and cut with three narrow fullers along the back on each side - the forte on one side stamped "Andria" and on the other "Ferara", both between incised "S" and star marks - the hilt comprosed of an iron guard of flattened bars framing ovoidal panels and saltires pierced with triangles and circles, fore-guards, a small scrolled wrist-guard, a conical pommel, and a spirally-grooved fish skin-covered grip with the wire binding missing

Date circa: 1785

Country: Scottish

~ blade length 80.7cm / 31.5in.

price: £4750.00 / $5723.75

Ref : 15766

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